Amie Donathan is 9 years old. She was born with PFFD class D meaning she has no femur or hip socket. At this point in time, we have opted not to do surgery. She is a very active, healthy young lady. Amie enjoys golf, soccer, swimming, horseback riding, pretty much any sport thrown her way. She has a positive spirit.

We recently moved to Texas from Washington State. Searching for a new prosthetist was extremely stressful. The doctors and staff that we spoke to were unable to accept the uniqueness of Amie because we had chosen to go without surgery. Then, we found Nathan Sutti. Nathan put endless time and energy into making Amie's prosthesis. Thanks to Nathan, we have an amazing prosthesis that fits Amie and her needs. We could not be happier with him and the staff.

Hannah Donathan

Frank Vautrin has been fitting my granddaughter with AFOs since 2001. Gianna has many special needs which he has enthusiastically made accommodations for throughout the years. She is very comfortable and excited to see him for appointments. Frank is extremely patient, kind and concerned, and also takes the time to listen to both of us. I have never felt rushed during our visits and if adjustments are needed he gets us in quickly. Frank has been very creative through the years getting Gianna to sit very still during the casting process and also designing braces at different heights to accommodate her individual needs. He has put a lot of time and thought into helping Gianna walk as correctly as possible. Frank is extremely professional and proficient in his field. I feel blessed that he has been, and still is, available for us. I can't imagine anyone else taking care of her orthotic needs. He has been a very important part of a team (PT, orthotic and Botox) that has ensured Gianna would walk to the best of her ability.

Barbara Boyd