Patient and Provider Services

Here at Total Care, our goal is to understand and help our patients with their unique situation. Every patient is different, and because of this, every approach that we take is specialized to each patient's specific personal need. Whether your goal is to live with less pain, gain better mobility, flexibility, stability, recondition your body from injury, or add to your body with orthotic or prosthetic aids, we are here to help.

Patient Services

We are proud to always offer any consolation. It doesn't matter what kind of questions, or how many you might have, we truly care and invite our patients and their families to come to us with any thoughts or questions that may help.

Out-Patient Care

Our practitioners are highly active within the community and thoroughly enjoy working with healthcare providers. We work hand in hand with local doctors and therapists in order to create a multidisciplinary approach to treatment. Total Care offers many services to fully support our patients. Please invite your therapist or doctors to call us at any time with any concerns, comments, or questions. We are always glad to help in any way that we can. We always strive, as a tem, to find the best medical approach to achieve the very best outcome for each and every patient.

We offer clinic days 5 days a week

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In-Patient Care

Patients are often kept within the hospital for long periods of time. During this time rehabilitation often begins with the use of orthotics and prosthetics. We invite you to consult with the hospital staff or any or your clinic healthcare providers about our services. With the hospital's permission we are happy to come and visit to help in any way possible. We feel that becoming part of your healthcare team is the best possible way to achieve a healthy recovery.

Provider Services:

Our team at Total Care work side by side with many different healthcare professionals. We encourage and welcome any provider with any comments, questions or concerns to please call us. We pride ourselves on a multidisciplinary approach to patient care. Please do not hesitate to reach out to our clinic. We always, always extend our services in order to help each patient.

Phone and Internet Consultations:

Our practitioners and in house therapist are available throughout the week to help with phone or internet video consultations. We understand that no two patients are alike. As healthcare professionals we sometimes need to put our heads together in order to find the best possible solution. Please call us for any consultation such as over the phone or sharing video.

In-Service Options

We cannot emphasize enough that multidisciplinary care is key to patient success and would love to have the chance to provide further education or consultation opportunities. Here at Total Care we take a little different approach to patient care and the design of our orthotics and prosthetics. Please feel free to contact our office for in-service calls. We are happy to bring lunch and sit down to explain our biomechanical approach to our treatment modalities.


Research is a huge part of the orthotic and prosthetic field. Each year new and creative products are developed. This allows for more testing and the new data dictates treatment modalities. Our Practitioners maintain continual education, participate in local research studies and are always here to help within any research need.

If you have questions about products and need additional information let us do the work for you. We have a vast amount of resources at our finger tips relating to orthotic and prosthetic care. Simply contact our office and let us know what you're thinking and let us provide you with statistical research that may help with your specific situation.