Meet the Team

Who We Are, and Why we Care!

Franck Vautrin is a certified and licensed orthotist and graduated from UTSW medical center in 2001. His ability to listen, coach and care for those he treats, has earned him an outstanding reputation with his patients and within the orthotics industry.

At an early age, Franck spent hours working alongside his father, constructing custom carpentry projects. It's was through this experience that he discovered his passion and talent for creating, designing and building things with his hands. As he got older, Franck also recognized that he was extremely strong in science. This led him to pursue a degree in biology and chemistry. His long time ambitious career goal was to combine his two passions of science and hands on skillful creativity into the perfect occupation. Orthotics and Prosthetics gave Franck everything he needed to combine his life interests and help others. From that day forward Franck's goal was to help people. After 13 years of excellent service, he enthusiastically continues to take all measures to ensure that the best quality of care be upheld for each and every patient!

Nathan Sutti is a certified orthotic and prosthetic practitioner. He attended UTSW medical center, graduating at the top of his class in 2009. His ability to empathize and care for those he treats has proudly built him an outstanding 16 year history in the field.

Nathan understands empathy for his patients. In 1999, he was involved in a motorcycle accident resulting in a right leg amputation above the knee. Nathan quickly began to volunteer at a local prosthetic office where he started his career path. His sister at the age of 6 was also in an automobile accident with numerous injuries and Nathan was constantly taken along to orthotic appointments. The experience of watching his sister struggle to learn to walk again with orthotics, and his own struggle to walk with a new prosthesis provided Nathan with the ultimate desire to help others in similar situations. He understands because he's a patient too!

Erin Vautrin is Total Care's office manager and a well-known and respected Physical Therapist. After attending The University of Texas Medical Branch, she graduated in 2007 and began specializing in therapy services for both pediatric and adult patients alike.

Erin gained her understanding and the desire to help others while working as a golf instructor for Hank Haney. During this time she became fascinated with the biomechanics of movement and discovered that there was a way to help others reach their potential, by manipulating their body movements to achieve better results. While guiding disabled students in their pursuit to learn how to golf, Erin knew that she had a greater purpose. Once at the University, she submerged herself in the study of the science behind physical therapy and continues to apply her practice and skill to all those she helps coach through their rehabilitation process. Erin is always willing to help with any need you may have. We are very grateful for all she does to make our facility run smoothly. Contact her for any questions or concerns that you may have.